Twitter The Next == The World Live Web

May 5, 2008

A lot of talk has been going around lately about replacing everyone’s favorite web service that can’t: Twitter.

There are some doubts about being able to get this done. I happen to agree with this viewpoint, or this line of thinking. But I have to admit that I have a personal bias and I just don’t quite see how it could be accomplished technically. So take the rest of what I say with a grain of salt.

I like Twitter. I’m not a huge user though, but I don’t really use social network sites as much as I sit back and observe them. I’m a coder with a very short attention span. I have a hard time diverting resources from coding to writing (so this post is currently taking up coding cycles). With all the thinking about Twitter and other social networks, along with my own projects that I’ve been working on, this seems to be a good time to start the transition to the next evolution of the web: the World Live Web.

Doc Searl’s has talked about this several times over the last several years. It’s easy to agree with someone like Doc on your own blog to try and look credible, but I’ve been working with ‘live’ content in one form or another (ahem!) for over 10 years. I’ve seen the impact and I’ve seen a glimpse of the future.

We need to think bigger than ‘what are you doing?’ Twitter has support for:
– Who: obviously the person who is tweeting
– What: the body of the post
– Where: where in the world are you?
– When: the time the tweet was posted
– How: the method that the user posted the tweet with
– Why: because it’s what all the cool kids are doing 🙂

Taking all of this information from just one tweet doesn’t give us much, it’s the combination of this information with others using Twitter that makes the service so compelling. There’s another level of integration that can happen beyond what Twitter is doing now.

I’m not concerned about the downtime of Twitter, like I said I don’t use it that much. I’m seeing the possibility of taking the idea to a whole new level. With the current ‘issues’ with Twitter this seems like a striking opportunity. Not quite sure of the exact path that will be taken, but it’s the path that someone somewhere will take.


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